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Should the NBA implement a 4-point line?

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is constantly evolving and adapting to keep the game fresh and exciting for fans. One proposed change that has been discussed in recent years is the addition of a 4-point line. This line would be located between the 3-point line and the half-court line and would give players the opportunity to score from further away than ever before. While many basketball fans are split on the issue, there are several potential benefits and drawbacks from incorporating the additional line.

Why the NBA SHOULD add a 4-point line

1.) New Strategy Implementation

The 4-point line would provide a new strategic element to the game. Games would be extended as teams could potentially win or tie when down 3-4 points late in games now. Currently, the three-point shot is often used as a weapon for comebacks, as teams can quickly close the gap with a few well-placed three-pointers. With a 4-point line, the possibility of a comeback would be even greater, as a team could close a large deficit with just a few 4-point shots. This would create a more exciting and dynamic game, as fans would be on the edge of their seats until the final buzzer.

2.) Higher scoring games

Adding a 4-point line to the NBA would help to open up the game and give players and teams a new way to attack their opponents. NBA games are already dominated by scoring, and while this could potentially cause more blowouts, this could lead to some exciting moments and create a new level of excitement for basketball fans. Shooting has taken over the NBA in the last decade, and further buying into that narrative could potentially be a good move by the NBA.

3.) Improve player development and the quality of play

With the addition of a 4-point line, players would be incentivized to develop their long-range shooting abilities, as these shots would now be worth more points. This could result in players working harder to improve their shooting form, accuracy, and range, as well as working to become more skilled at shooting off the dribble. The NBA loves touting its player development, and the addition of a 4-point line could maximize the quality of play. The 4-point line would help to level the playing field between teams with different levels of talent. Teams that lack the star power of their opponents would have the chance to rack up points quickly if they are able to make long shots. This would make the game more competitive and entertaining, as teams with lesser talent would have a chance to stay in the game.

4.) Improve ratings and general interest around the sport

The addition of a 4-point line would provide the NBA with a new way to market the game and attract fans. The NBA is always looking for new and innovative ways to market the game, and the addition of a 4-point line would provide them with a new opportunity to do so. They could create new merchandise and advertising campaigns centered around the 4-point line, and they could use it to promote the sport and attract new fans.

Why the NBA SHOULD NOT add a 4-point line

1.) Lack of inside play

The addition of a 4-point line could fundamentally change the nature of the game. Basketball is a sport that is built around teamwork, strategy, and individual skill, and the addition of a 4-point line could disrupt this balance by incentivizing players to take more risks and focus too much on attempting long-range shots. This could result in a shift away from traditional, inside-out style of play, and towards a game that is dominated by long-range shots. A 4-point line could lead to a decline in the importance of two-point shots, as players may focus too much on attempting long-range shots and neglect the importance of driving to the basket and getting easy buckets.

2.) Diminishing the value of the 3-point shot

Another potential drawback of a 4-point line is that it could result in a decrease in the value of the three-point shot. If players can make 4-point shots consistently, the three-point shot may lose its importance as a weapon for comebacks and as a valuable scoring option. This could lead to a decrease in the excitement and strategy of the game, as the three-point shot is one of the most important and exciting aspects of modern basketball.

3.) Scoring becomes too volatile, and high scoring

There are concerns about the impact that a 4-point line could have on the scoring of games. Adding a 4-point line could result in a significant increase in the overall number of points scored in each game, which could lead to games becoming too high-scoring and less competitive. This could also result in a shift away from defensive play, as teams would be incentivized to focus on scoring as many points as possible rather than trying to prevent the other team from scoring.

My solution

I think the NBA should experiment with the idea of a 4-point line in the Summer League. The NBA has shown its willingness to test rule changes first in the Summer League before they are voted on by the Board of Governors. By seeing how the game plays with the 4-point line, NBA governors and executives can properly weigh its benefits and drawbacks. Personally, I think the 4-point line could be instituted to benefit the intensity of games. Perhaps allowing the 4-point line during the final 2-3 minutes of a game could be a unique way to keep games closer down the stretch of an NBA game. This way, games are way tenser, and there is a higher potential for game-changing plays. By adding a 4-point line at the end of the game, teams would be able to stay in contention for longer. Instead of a game essentially being over when there is 10 seconds left, and a team is down 4, they now would have the ability to tie it. I believe instituting a 4-point line in a reduced role would be beneficial for the NBA to keep basketball purists happy while also making their games even closer down the stretch.


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