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Frequently Asked Questions On Your Basketball Highlights

  • How long does it take for me to receive my video order?
    The process to complete your video order usually takes 1-3 weeks. During this process, we collect the video footage, analyze player highlights, and then edit/produce your highlight video.
  • How do I receive my highlight video/unedited game footage?
    We send your basketball footage through a google drive link which you or anyone having the link can access. You can then download the video(s) straight to your computer device in order to save for future reference.
  • How can I get film for my basketball games?
    In many cases your High School games or AAU games are recorded and streamed through Hudl, in which you can receive your footage through there and send it our way. We also recommend participating in our partner's High School All American showcase, in which every event is recorded and footage is kept on file for a time period in case you want to order at basketball highlight or game footage after the event.
  • How do I submit game film?
    You can upload/share game film through google drive, wetransfer, and or dropbox when ordering a highlight tape. As long as we can access and download your footage, you are all set to go.
  • What is the best way I can contact you?
    The best way to contact the Hoop Brothers team is mainly through email ( and also through our social media channels.
  • How long do you keep footage of game film on file?
    We keep footage of game film for around 3-6 months. We recommend downloading your highlight videos/unedited game film to a secure location as we cannot promise we will still have the footage after this time period.
  • What events can I get filmed at?
    Hoop Brothers records every High School All American showcase throughout the nation, so we recommend attending at least one of our partners events here: HSAA Showcases/Events
  • How long is a typical highlight video?
    A typical highlight video is usually 1-4 minutes in length. This varies upon player performance and how many highlights they have throughout their game footage. When ordering a personal highlight video, we recommend sending in your best performed footage as this will allow the Hoop Brothers team to choose your best highlights when creating your video.
  • What music do you add in the background of the highlight videos and can we request music to be added?
    Hoop Brothers has a variety of copyright free music/beats that we use for the background music in your highlight videos. You can also request a song or beat of your choice.
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