About Us

Before Hoop Brother became a national scouting service with the NCAA and the gateway for thousands of players to play college basketball, it was founded with one simple yet powerful belief. The belief that no matter who you are, where you come from and what odds are stacked against you, you have the power to create opportunity doing something that you love. This philosophy led Hoop Brothers founder Sam Tarell to create a platform that helped his younger brother earn tens of thousands of dollars in basketball scholarship money. Years later Hoop Brothers has now helped over one thousands players with the recruiting process by establishing strong relationships with college basketball coaches across the country and offering a service that gives players the exposure that they need.

Hoop Brothers is compliant as a scouting service with the NCAA and we work as the eyes and ears for college coaches to provide them with valuable scouting information about players nationwide. We have college coaches contacting us daily to ask about players in our network. Even though we have expanded to help more players and parents the core of everything that we do is still the same. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from and what odds are stacked against, you have the power to create opportunity doing something that you love and we have the power to help.

Our staff has expanded across the country and we come into work every day for you. We put extra time aside for every player and parent we work with to give them the most out of the recruiting process. Our executive staff has routine meetings to discuss new and innovative ways that we can help players. It is our mission to change the college basketball recruiting process nationally and inspire good basketball in an industry that focuses extensively on showboating and negative reinforcement. We pride ourselves on being not only the best option to get players recruited but also and more importantly the best people for you to work with.

Our Executive Staff

Sam Tarell – Founder/CEO

Sam has been a professional in the basketball recruiting industry since early 2011. He has been personally involved in helping over one thousand players navigate the recruiting process and has been featured at events nationwide to give speeches and educate players on the process. Sam's professional background includes basketball recruiting, game film analysis, scouting, video editing and one on one player consulting. Sam prides himself on giving the best opportunity to every single player that Hoop Brothers works with! Outside of basketball he is also a noted a motivational speaker and philanthropist, donating his time and money to empower high school and college students to follow their passions and chase their dreams. 

Chris John – Video Editor/Basketball Scout

Chris has been analyzing players and editing basketball footage since 2011. He has experience with professional video editing in several basketball organizations, high school basketball programs, and low budget films. Chris has personally filmed, scouted and edited hundreds of basketball game tapes at every level from middle school to professional. He specializes in producing personal highlight videos to spotlight players' key strengths. On top of being a national basketball scout and video editor, Chris also is a freelance professional dunker who goes by the name "CJ Champion". At 6'0" he has made a name for himself nationwide and has been featured on Hoop Mixtape, Dunkademics, Team Flight Brothers, as well as other notable media outlets. 

Cody Wright – Basketball Scout/Video Editor

Cody has worked in the basketball recruiting industry for several years. His experience includes professional scouting, personal player development, refereeing and video editing. Cody prides himself on his attention to detail and specializes in player development. He excels at helping players capitalize on their strengths and providing feedback for players to strengthen their weaknesses. Having worked in different roles at multiple basketball organizations, Cody not only deeply understands the nuances of the game but also has a knowledge of every level of play to provide players with the feedback they need in order to reach their full potential.

Jessica Roberson – Administrative Director/Event Coordinator

Jessica played basketball in Europe from 2000-2003 and has more than 10 years of experience in administration/management. She has personally organized nearly one hundred basketball events nationwide and has been helping players through the recruiting process since 2015. Jessica specializes in organizing top of the industry events with expert staff and key resources so that every player that attends an event will vastly increase their chances of playing college basketball. She also works directly with players and parents to provide them the exact information they need to capitalize on their recruiting.