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Our player evaluations are constructed to give players clarity on their skill level, where they can improve, career projection, and more. With insight from coaches and scouts we are able to give valuable information to players to execute in their game.

Why Should You Get A Player Evaluation?

Your first step to getting recruited is by acquiring your player evaluations, which are unbiased assessments of your basketball skill sets based on game footage you submit to our team. The evaluation will highlight both your strengths and weaknesses through a multi-stage rating system which will showcase what skills you need to focus on in order to level up your game.


Player evaluations allow you to monitor your progress throughout your career. By obtaining evaluations at regular intervals throughout the year, you can see how your skills are improving and adjust your training programs accordingly. 


Our 5 star rating system focuses on 12 major skills that complete a player. These skills are Shooting, Driving, Post Offense, Rebounding, Passing, Ball Handling, Verticalness, Strength, Speed/Effort, Off Ball Offense, Off Ball Defense, and On Ball Defense. Our evaluations dictate how you use each skill during play and we provide valuable feedback as well as suggestions in order to help you grow as a player. 


Lastly, our analysts will also identify which division they feel you are most likely to recruit at so you can ensure your recruiting is targeting the appropriate schools and divisions you are best aligned with.


  • Once purchasing a player evaluation with Hoop Brothers, we will send you a link for you to submit your basketball footage. This footage must be in mp4 format in order for us to download and view the film. You can also submit a link of your footage, whether that is from YouTube or another platform for us to evaluate.  


  • Each evaluation focuses on 1 game as we analyze every play, whether or not the player is directly involved. You can submit 1 game, up to 1 hour of unedited game footage for us to evaluate. We do not evaluate highlight videos/edited videos as that will only showcase your top plays, and that will not allow us to fairly evaluate all of your skills throughout a game.


  • You can expect your finalized player evaluation 1-3 weeks after you have submitted your game footage.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding player evaluations, reach out to


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