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Join our ever growing team to learn more about the backend of basketball recruitment and video services. We have a variety of positions that allow you to showcase your knowledge and grow with the Hoop Brothers family.



Hoop Brothers offers an internship program in which college students can learn the ins and outs that go on within a sports company. Interns get first hand experience with marketing, networking, and administrative roles within this program while learning from a highly seasoned leadership team.


Hoop Brothers are constantly on the lookout for experienced videographers in all major cities around the US. Our videographers cover showcases we partner with by professionally recording basketball games and camps around the nation.

Broadcast Video Camera
Image Editor


Hoop Brothers are also actively seeking video editors who are qualified to edit and produce basketball game footage for both our brand and our athletes. We pursue talented individuals who are adaptable and able to convert videos in a timely manner while keeping up to the Hoop Brothers standard.


Hoop Brothers analysts play a key role in documenting player highlights from showcases and camps. We seek versatile individuals who are able to undertake multiple events while efficiently recording stats for each and every one of our athletes. It is essential that our analysts have great understanding and passion for basketball as they are our leading force in creating professional highlight videos.

Basketball Game
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