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Youth Basketball Team


Let's collaborate and enhance your brand, your players' exposure, elevate your social media presence, and introduce another revenue source for your business. 

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We have been working with our most prominent partners over at High School All American for 5+ years by providing each player the opportunity to purchase a professionally created highlight video as well as unedited game footage to share to coaches and recruiters nationwide. 


High School All American is the nation’s top showcase when it comes to high school basketball camps and events. Included in these showcases are skill development sessions and at least 3 games played per player which is led by college and professional coaches throughout the country. The goal of these showcases for many of the athletes attending is to gain exposure and participate against the top youth around the country. 


Attending showcases like these are crucial for player development and success when trying to move into the next level of basketball. It is necessary nowadays for players to frequently participate in such showcases as well as playing for high school and AAU teams in order to gain traction. We have partnered with High School All American with the purpose of recording each event around the country. Hoop Brothers separately provides unedited gameplay video as well as professional highlight videos for each and every athlete who is inclined in purchasing their game footage.


High School All American hosts showcases throughout the Fall, Spring and Summer seasons around the country, in which you can participate and register through their website.


Welcome to the home of Teammate Basketball, we’re glad you found us! We’re a grassroots basketball organization whose mission is to empower our youth through quality basketball events while positively impacting the communities in which they’re held. 

At Teammate Basketball, we believe the traits that make a great teammate are the same traits that will carry over into other areas of a young athlete’s life. Selflessness, work ethic, communication, respect, reliability – all these things contribute to success on the court but more importantly serve as essential life skills. Our goal is to foster an environment, not only where basketball skills can be enhanced and exposed, but also where young players can learn what it takes to be the ultimate teammate. 

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With 20 years of youth sports expertise under our belt, it’s no surprise that we are often imitated, but never replicated. It’s also why PrimeTime Sports continues to blaze trails as the premier event provider of youth basketball in the country. Our no-fail sports-event management system, along with our dedicated staff, make us the fastest growing company in the industry.

 “To bridge the gap between athletes and entrepreneurship for at risk youth”

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If you are interested in partnering with us to take advantage of our nationwide network of videographers, analysts, and editors, then please fill out this contact form to discuss further details. 

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