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Hoop Brothers Scouting Service --NCAA Compliant
This service is only available to college coaches. Hoop Brothers knows how important recruiting is to creating a successful college basketball program and we pride ourselves on delivering what we feel is the most detailed scouting analysis available. 
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Our Player Database
What separates Hoop Brothers services from other scouting services? Video! Not only do we provide a detailed write up and analysis on every player that we scout but we also give access to a detailed recruiting video and at least one full game tape for every single player in our database. We are adding players to our platform daily and unlike most services our platform allows for real-time scouting data. If we add a player to our platform today, then subscribers will be able to view that player immediately so they won’t have to wait weeks for an update. 


Sample Data
Hoop Brothers provides subscribers with vast amounts of information on every player in our system. We provide the basics, height, class, position, write up, location, academics, etc. But unlike most scouting services we provide video and we thoroughly break down the skill set of every player. We have established a system for rating players in the following 9 categories: speed, defense, rebounding, perimeter shot, post offense, driving, passing, ball handling and vertical. For more information about how we utilize these analytics please speak with one of our representatives. This information is extremely valuable because it gives subscribers the chance to more thoroughly understand a player with one quick glance. 


We also allow subscribers to sort our database based on our scouting breakdown. For example, if a subscriber is looking for a 6’7 forward, class of 2018 who excels on the defensive end, then they can use our rating system to narrow down that criteria so only players that match will appear in the search. 


What We Cover 
Hoop Brothers’ coverage is national for high school freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors. Every athlete will be broken down with strengths, weaknesses, height, position, video, stats, contact information, academic information and more. Our primary reach is currently the south east region with some recruits from all over the country. 


Free until 2017-2018
For sample data email us at [email protected] 
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Hoop Brothers is compliant with all NCAA rules and regulations for scouting services and can be found by searching for ‘Hoop Brothers’ in the list of compliant scouting services.

  • Subscribers do not purchase more than one annual subscription to the service
  • Is made available to all institutions desiring to subscribe and at the same fee rate 
  • Publicly identifies all applicable rates
  • Disseminates information more than 4 times per calendar year
  • Publicly identifies the geographical scope of the service as national high school level
  • Provides individual analysis beyond demographics or rankings of prospective student athletes
  • Provides access to sample data before purchase
  • Provides information in a standardized format
  • Does not provide information in any form beyond the standardized information provided to all subscribers